Members who Achieved Professional Body Status

The requirements to be awarded the status of Professional Loss Adjuster are set out below:

  1. Be an Associate or Fellow of the Institute.
  2. Hold the Higher Certificate / National Certificate in Short Term Insurance / ACII / AIISA / FCII / FIISA qualification by examination.
  3. Have not less than 5 continuous years of practical experience as a loss adjuster.

They must also have complied with the CPD requirement and they should have completed the renewal application.

We have been advised that this may also be achieved by doing an RPL and we are investigating what this would entail.  All information will be put on the website in the near future.

Colyn GAssociateHCIIE CapeBouwer K MFellowAIISAW CapeSamupindi J MAssociateAIISAW Cape

Name Status Qualifications Region
Alborough D J Fellow ACII/AIISA KZN
Arnold S P R Associate ACII E Cape
Baker R R H Fellow FCII S Gauteng
Blem A H Fellow AIISA S Gauteng
Chetty K Associate ACII S Gauteng
Deacon R Associate ACII S Gauteng
Fischer J F U Associate ACII/AIISA N Gauteng
Graham M R Associate FIISA S Gauteng
Hepple R M Associate AIISA S Gauteng
Heydenrych J C Associate HCII W Cape
Hobson R K W Associate AIISA KZN
Jenkinson P W Associate FCII/FIISA S Gauteng
Kerrin D B Fellow AIISA S Gauteng
Kirkman JDA Associate AIISA S Gauteng
Kirsten J Associate AIISA N Gauteng
Kneeshaw G Fellow ACII/ACILA S Gauteng
A Kruger Associate AIISA E Cape
Laver R E Associate ACII S Gauteng
Lindstrom C J Associate FIISA W Cape
Morgan C A Fellow FIISA International
Naude W A Associate ACII KZN
Oosthuizen Shaun Associate AIISA S Gauteng
Ossowski K O Associate AIISA W Cape
Pretorius H L Associate ACII N Gauteng
Pridham I B Associate ACII S Gauteng
Schmidt C Members AIISA
Schubart J W Fellow ACII/AIISA S Gauteng
Sjoberg I R Fellow ACII/AIISA E Cape
Sutton P Members AIISA
Te Brugge R Associate FIISA N Gauteng
Van Der Burgh D Associate FCII N Gauteng
Van Niekerk G J B Fellow AIISA W Cape
Van Rensburg E Associate ACII/FIISA N Gauteng
Wessels J V N Associate FCII/ACII/FIISA N Gauteng
White K Fellow ACII/AIISA S Gauteng
Williams V Fellow ACII/AIISA OFS
Wright B D Fellow ACII/AIISA S Gauteng