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2014 ILA Conference – 22 May 2014

We are now in the seventh year of presenting our Conference. The Institute has for many years supported the ongoing education of its members and provided a platform to all industry members in their quest to strive for Continuing Professional Development.

This brings to the footlights a number of speakers who, by public acclaim, have often presented various topics and I would like to thank them as they do so without fear or favour and more importantly pro bono. So too I would like to thank our exhibitors for their contribution to the success of the Conference.

It is becoming more and more important that personal knowledge is seen as the stepping stone to a future which will also provide for our personal progression and ultimate goal of being a well rounded and knowledgeable insurance loss adjuster or insurance practitioner. We have relied heavily on your comments from past Conferences in the choice of our speakers and subjects. This year we have deviated a smidge in bringing to you some new innovations in pipe repairs, which I believe you will find informative.

As is customary, I must not forget to thank you all for attending. It is obvious, even to me as a “lost adjuster” at times that without you, the delegates, this event would not take place. I thank you for your participation and encourage you to tell us what you would like to see in future events and you are free to surprise me if you want to try and strut your pet subject to your peers.

Our Conference strives to meet the needs of every delegate and we believe that it will achieve its aim if each attendee has learnt something of benefit for the future, despite the nominal cost increase which we have been forced to levy and which is the first increase in three years.

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Conference Details:

Members – R1197,00 (inclusive of VAT)
Non-members – R1710,00 (inclusive of VAT)

07:45 – 15:30

Glenhove Conferencing
52 Glenhove Road,
Melrose Estate, Johannesburg

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