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ILASA requires its members to develop an in-depth understanding of the principles of insurance, along with comprehensive knowledge of the South African Insurance market. Growth as a Loss Adjusting professional will further be enhanced by attaining a designation that is registered and recognised by the South African Qualifications Authority. (SAQA) 


Professional Designation Progression Pathway
Licentiate Loss Adjuster (LILA)

Associate Loss Adjuster (AILA)
Fellow Loss Adjuster (FILA)

ILASA board exams are exclusive to it's members and a formal application to partake must be completed before entrance to the examination process will be granted. 




Exams 2024 

Associate Case Study  

Associate applications open    
Associate applications close
Associate Case study starts

Associate Case study submission


22 March 2024
18 April 2024

20 June 2024
2 July 2024

Licentiate Board Exam  

Licentiate applications open    
Licentiate applications close
Licentiate Exam


5 June 2024

10 July 2024
11 September 2024




are now open

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