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Becoming a member

The Institute of Loss Adjusters is a professional body for  Loss Adjusters.

Membership is granted by application to those who fulfill the requirements for Membership. Download the Application Form and Application Process for application. Applications for membership are evaluated by the Membership committee and if successful a certificate of membership is conferred.d by the ILA.

Membership of the ILA requires:

  • Insurance knowledge and qualifications 

  • Knowledge and experience of insurance claims processes and policies;

  • Payment of membership fees;

  • Maintaining continuing professional development (CPD) requirements; and

  • Adhering to the ILA code of conduct

The entry level of membership to the ILA is a Candidate member.

Membership renews annually and the membership cycle runs from

01 March to 28 February each year.  Renewal of membership is subject to:

  • Payment of membership fees;

  • Adhering to the ILA code of conduct; and

  • Fulfilling the CPD requirement annually

Professional Designations

As a professional body the ILA may confer professional designations on members who have acquired certain knowledge, skill and applied competence as per the Competence Framework. There are various paths one can follow to obtaining the knowledge, skill and applied competence toward a professional designation, however all designations are conferred after the successful completion of a Board examination at the required level of the designation.

There are 3 Professional Designations conferred by the ILA which are:

  • Licentiate

  • Associate and

  • Fellow



Once a Candidate member has achieved the required knowledge, skill and applied competence, a candidate member may register for the Licentiate Board exam. Upon successful completion of the Board exam and confirmation from the Membership Committee, the member may be elevated to the professional designation of Licentiate Loss Adjuster.

A similar process applies to Licentiate Loss Adjusters to elevate to Associate Loss Adjusters.

An Associate Loss Adjuster who seeks elevation to the professional designation of Fellow is required to complete a dissertation which undergoes a peer review for evaluation and requires consensus from the peer review and membership committee to confer the designation as a Fellow. 

Maintaining Your Designation

Maintaining your membership is dependent on three key components, which are:
  • payment of membership fees;

  • adhering to the ILA code of conduct; and

  • fulfilling the CPD requirement annually

The annual CPD requirement requires that members remain updated and informed of industry trends, legal and case law updates as well as Insurance policy trends and changes. ILA Members are required to complete and record a minimum of 20 CPD hours per annum.

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