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CPD - Continuing professional development


The Insurance industry is particularly vast and Insurers offer policies in no less than 16 lines of business. Each line of business provides services to all types of businesses within their area of specialisation with many differing policies, complexities and conditions. Therefore, there are many innovations, variations and requires specialist investigation knowledge and skill. This also provides a host of opportunities for topics to update and provide CPD content.

CPD topics are generally divided into main categories such as:

  • technical content updates

  • insurance market trends

  • legislative, regulatory and case law updates

  • investigation techniques, criminal, court and evidence handling trends and updates; or

  • general business skills

CPD Providers are invited to register with the ILA Education Department for approval as providers and for programme approval.

CPD Application forms are available from

For more information about the CPD process click here
For ease of submitting CPD activities use the Quickguide

For more information on the CPD process
click here 

For ease of submitting CPD activities
use the quick guide

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