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In order to access the Membership System, you must be an active member of the ILA.

Each member has a User Profile and receives their login details when their profile is created on the system.

The purpose of this system is to:

  • Keep your contact information up to date as this info is published on the Find a Member page

  • Allow you to register for ILA Regional and National events

  • Provide you with Technical Content for CPD and General training

  • Record all your CPD records in one system

  • Provide you with various Technical and Procedural documents;

  • And to fulfil our SAQA reporting requirements

Should you need any assistance with access to this system, please contact Stacey at the ILA Office or by email on

If you are unsure of your login details:

  • Please click on Member Login then

  • Forgot Password on the Login screen and

  • follow the system prompts

The system will then send you your login details. Remember that your email address is your Username. If your email address has changed the above process will not work and you will need to contact the ILA Office for assistance.

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